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30th April 2003

6:17pm: Animal on your back.
This place is about to get all the more interesting.

Your scent is all I need...to bring out the animal in me...Collapse )
Current Mood: bouncy

29th April 2003

7:59am: Don't think because I understand, I care.
Not much going on - Flint's been going a bit easier on us with the whole pratice regime. I dunno why. Maybe he's shagging Weasley again. Good for him - lovers quarrels are swift to make my life a pain in the ass.

Another stupid Hogwarts whore has a journal --> amarantha_nailo. Ah well, I suppose at least she's a Slytherin. Then again, she'll probably just drag our name through the mud.

I really must find a new way to occupy my time. Imagine that - me of all people having to find a way to spend the hours of my day. I typically just get into whatever I can. Then again, Hogwarts typically is a bit more exciting. It almost makes me want to invite Voldie and all the DEs over for a barbeque.
Current Mood: apathetic

16th April 2003

9:10pm: Back into the waking world...
Back from the hospital wing. I will spare remebering the details and just say that mending fractured vertabrae hurts like a fucking bitch.

Commence the swooming at my return.

*throws a handkerchief to all the adoring fans*
Current Mood: blank

12th April 2003

12:28am: Needle park, junkie talk, and sucka juice.
Marcus Flint approached me in the hall earlier demanding we step up our Quidditch training regime. Whatever. My chasing skills are flawless as is. Why mess with perfection?

I am getting rather bored of the Hufflefucks, Gryffinwhores, and Ravencunts at this school. Even the Slutherins are trying my patience. I think there are all of two intriguing people at this school. Makes me want to stay away from them. Don't want to shatter the mystique and have no more spank bank material.
Current Mood: apathetic

7th April 2003

11:26am: Shiiiiit.
I've had a fucking shitty day.

Teachers can go fuck themselves.

And Flint needs to get off of my ass about practice. What the fuck, does he want me or something?

I need to get soused. I should know better than to ask here, but anyone up for it?
Current Mood: cynical

14th March 2003

5:49pm: White trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy.
You people are all shitheads. I never post in this thing because I never have anything to talk about anymore to any of you.

I've been spending a lot of time in Hogsmeade, doing what I like to call "wenching".
Infer what you like.

I am in the mood to do something tonight. I think I'll go walk around the castle and find someone to harrass.
Current Mood: cynical

11th February 2003

1:17am: Miss me, bitches?
I really haven't anything to post about. After some fun Jonas and I had one night... [Jonas]Bloody fun, wasn't that?[/Jonas]...I holed myself up in the library where I've been ever since.

Not my style, I know, but I've been doing some important research.

Some one should come entertain me.

Or suck my cock.

Either one.
Current Mood: bitchy

8th January 2003

10:50am: Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw...
Just reading over these journal things - I can just feel the fucking love. What a bunch of pussies you all are. Zabini and Snape are getting married? Excuse me while I vomit up and intestine. That's absolutely revolting.

Sounds like all the attached people around here need to a fucking clue.

And all the rest of them need to come to me.

Oh, and Baddock, I have a fucking bone to pick with you, brother.

Lyrics of the moment: [For Terence...sorta]
I'll be your lover,
I'll be forever,
I'll be tommorrow,
I am anything when I'm high.
Don't you want some of this?
Don't you need some of this?

Scar, scar, can you feel my power...
One shot and the world gets smaller...
Shot, shot, shot motherfucker...
Shot, shot, shot motherfucker...
Current Mood: restless

7th January 2003

12:22pm: Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.
Lyrics of the moment:
I want a lover I don't have to love,
I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk,
Here is the kid with the chemicals,
He said to me "I'm here, but I'm not sure."
I got the money, if you got the time,
You said "It feels good", I said "I'll give it a try."
But you, but you, have such pretty words.
And that's no storybook.
Love's an excuse to get hurt. And to hurt.
Do you like to hurt?
I do.
I do.
So hurt me.

Owl to TerenceCollapse )

Owl to GinnyCollapse )

Out of the view of prying eyes...Collapse )
Current Mood: aggravated

3rd January 2003

4:25am: Like cancer in the system, I've got a little suprise for you...
Fuck Marcus Flint and fuck George Weasley. Did anyone know that they were fucking each other? Well, you do now.

I was walking around the castle looking for some action when I saw a firework shot into the night sky from one of the towers. I followed it and found George. He made several suggestions I couldn't take lightly so I made it my business to follow through. Then he bit me on the fucking tongue. I punched him in the face, broke his nost, and banged his head against the window ledge.

I was just about to finish the fucker off when Marcus Flint came sneaking up on my ass and knocked me out. I came too and realized what was going on. All I have to say is that George Weasley is a fucking whore and was asking for it, and that I'm going to see Marcus bloodied up and in the hospital before the week's through if I have to go celebate for a year.

Oh and everyone, George Weasley especially, I had the pleasure of finding out today that your sister is a true redhead. Take that however you will, fucktard.

Terrence only...Collapse )

Ginny only...Collapse )

On another note, I only fucked two people today. Fuck this.
Current Mood: pissed off

2nd January 2003

6:20am: The all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.
Well, Marcus introduced me to this muggle journal contraption the other day when we were bullshitting around the Common Room. Seemed intresting enough, but I've been looking through a lot of journals and I must say that this is the hugest bunch of shit I've ever read. A fine bunch of nancy boys the lot of you are walking around with your little dolls. And a bunch of pretty bitches too.

As far as I can tell, the men just bitch and moan about how pathetic their lives are like a bunch of pussies and the women never really talk about anything worth mention.

Ahhh well, now that I've made Marcus use his only codex-thingy or whatever, I guess I have to stick around for a bit.

But I'm warning all of you fucktards, if you don't prove entertaining, I will leave - and then where would you be?
Current Mood: mellow
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