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offishmontague's Journal

Seth Sebastian Montague
13 October
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Name: Seth Sebastian Montague

Birthdate: October 13, 1978

Livingplace: Paris, France - the location of Montague Mansion and Hogwarts

Occupation: 7th Year Student, Chaser for the Slytherin Quidditch Team

Physical Appearance: Seth is 6'0" and about 150 pounds. He is lanky, angular, wiry, and thin. He has very delicate bone structure and almost ladylike hands; jet-black hair and eyes so cold and black you can hardly see the pupils.

Special Relations to Other Characters: None. He doesn't like to stay tied down that long although he is tolerant of most members of his house.

Biography: Born on October 13th 1978, Seth is an only child. His parents are pureblood. His father works at the French Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Games and Sports and his mother is a magizoologist who is presently working to increase the number of Thestrals in the wild. He attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he is a proud Slytherin. In fact, he tends to look down on members of other houses unless they are an exceptionally nice piece of ass.

Personality Traits: Seth is spoiled and snide, probably due to the fact that he always tends to get his way and if he doesn't he figures the person/thing isn't worth his time. He's a very adept Quidditch player but his game is harmed by the fact that he just genuinely lacks focus of any kind. He likes to dig deep into people's lives and expose secrets told in confidence to others. He smokes almost incessantly and drinks whiskey and wine like a fish. For all of his bad traits, he is rather intelligent and has a powerful animal magnetism about him. He's bisexual and enjoys nasty, raunchy, kinky sex.

Other: His wand is 13 inches, yew, inflexible, and has a single black Thestral hair at its core. He has a black pet kneazle named Seul.

Played by: Dorkis AKA dorisp